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Welcome to Soccer4mula! Like most readers I love the Beautiful Game and I certainly like a regular wager. However, I'm different to most Football Betting Advisors as I focus on and specialise in an accumulator bet using a system that's bringing me some very exciting profits.

My personal betting spans many sports and several types of betting but the most entertaining area for me is Football and in particular selecting 4 winning Bets on the trot. When these bets come in the profits can sky rocket. Now you too can profit from multiple winning Soccer Bets.

Just recently after being approached by the "Winning Information Network" in regards to launching an advisory service to their members I gave them one of my Football Accumulator Bets identified by my Soccer4mula System.

Below is the advice I shared...

19th December

Udinese v Fiorentina Away Win 6/4 - Result 0-1

Napoli v Bologna Away Win 15/2 - Result 1-2

Heerenveen v Feyonoord - Draw 11/4 - Result 2-2

Olhanense v Benfica Away Win 2/5 - Result 1-2


All four advised bets won and made those on the bet a quiet phenomenal +400.86. points profit!

Is your Football or Horse Racing Bet provider giving you this kind of excitement and profit? I highly doubt it!

Now I can already hear the doubters amongst you shouting anyone can fluke one big lucky Winner! Well let me make it clear this was no fluke and the Big Winners do and have come with my system on a very regular basis to date

In fact they can get even BIGGER and better

Below is the advice I shared...

9th January

Sevilla v Mallorca Away Win 5/1 - Result 1-2

Maritimo v Rio Ave Away Win 11/5 - Result 0-1

Ayia Napa v Anagennisi Away Win 11/4 - Result 0-1

Limassol v APOEL Away Win 10/11 - Result 0-2


Once again all four advised bets won and made those on the bet a quite phenomenal +430.78. points profit! WOW!

Just how exciting is that? Imagine the Buzz watching those results come in and then cashing in your Betting Slip . . . . .

My Soccer4mula System cleverly identifies the very Best Combination of the day and it certainly delivers the profits!

And yes, before you ask, I have losing days but the very nature of the bet means winning days are very, very healthy indeed.

If the thought of topping up your betting points with 400+ Points in a single day appeals then I'm sure will love being a part of my Soccer4mula service.

Is Soccer4mula For You?

Don't worry if this appears to be a specialty bet that you're not used to as I'll certainly look after you. It's really easy!

Lucky 15 bets are great fun and as you can see they can be extremely profitable! It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the bet as my welcome email will explain all, help with setting up your betting bank and fully explain the bet. Again, it's real easy and with the adrenaline rush of excitement and profits I'm sure you'll grow to love it!

Do I Advise Lucky 15's Everyday?

Whilst I can't guarantee advice every single day of the week my Soccer4mula system does deliver on most so you're sure to be on the edge of your seat most days!

How Much Does It Cost To Join Soccer4mula?

As already explained the nature of this type of Betting means there can be losing days but BOY do the Winning days make up for it and im looking for partners to work with me long term using my system to exploit this Betting medium. Many dismiss the lucky15 as a fun bet but they do so at their peril with my system as Ive already shown this can be the ticket to BIG BIG regular profits

I don't want partners who join one day and leave the next, this is a long term strategy to make Massive Profits and my subscription levels are designed to give you long enough to fully evaluate the system and at what I consider to be a truly bargain price

There are two subscription options available to you...

You can subscribe for 90 days for £49 or you can grab an absolute bargain when choosing the 180 days (6 Months) option for just £75!

All you need to do now is select a subscription by clicking one of the join buttons below...

Thanks for your time and interest in SOCCER4MULA! Again, if you want to add more excitement and eye popping profits to your betting endeavours then I'm convinced you'll love this action packed service.

Best Regards,

PS. Soccer4mula membership will be capped at 200 members so please act now to avoid missing out on this LOW cost & BIG winning service.

P.P.S. Just in . . .. . The Profits keep piling up

21st February

Kazan v Atl Madrid Atl Madrid to win 9/5 - Result 0-1

Cluj v Inter Inter to win 2/1 - Result 0-3

Genk v Stuttgart Stuttgart to win 3/2 - Result 0-2

Lazio v Moenchengladbach Lazio to win 12/11 - Result 2-0


WOW! Another VERY NICE +164.78 Points Profit to add to the pot!

What are you waiting for? See you on the other side . . . . .